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What is Comodo Dragon?

Comodo Dragon is a freeware web browsing software developed with Chromium technology. This is the most suitable software to those who are extremely cautious about their internet security. This distinct software assures the complete safety of its user. It has speed, user friendly features, almost zero crashes or freeze screen, customized add-ons and plugins. This is similar to Google Chrome, but with a wider and more effective security system.

Why Comodo Dragon?

Since its birth, the web has gone through many major developments and experienced many threats in different times. Hackers, scammers, thieves, and malicious threats completely wrapped the system up from the very beginning. To avoid these threats and to protect one’s personal information, Comodo is the best option for auto guard. This is one of the best software including Chromes all feature to secure user’s computer and data.


1.    The latest version 26.0 has master password option.

2.    Shiny browser icon, which gives a stylish look to it.

3.    Comodo has its own DNS server. It provides user the opportunity to configure whether the Dragon or the entire PC should be using the server. This secure DNS automatically blocks threats while surfing the web. It has its own threat-detection network. It automatically blocks the site which seems to be flagged as untrustworthy.

4.    Almost every browser accepts domain-only certificate while visiting a site. Comodo does not consider it safe as these certificates are available to anyone. Thus, Comodo without proof does encourage the user to continue visiting the particular site.

5.    Especially sites that use technology of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for online banking, credit card entering etc. will be verified by Comodo. If the site is actually safe and real, then it will not be a problem. Regarding security issue, a padlock will appear showing the exact level of security. If the site is fake, or the security situation is not up to the level, Comodo will block it automatically.

6.    It keeps user’s internet travel information private.

7.    Extensions supported.

8.    Personalized web browser and custom profile for individuals.

9.    It provides Incognito Mode to secure the navigation.

10.    Portable installation is available.

11.    It has own custom updater due to privacy policy. Cleans cookies and history automatically while exit the browser.

12.    It has a site inspector service which tells the user if it is a safe site or source of malware.
Type- Web Browser
Genre- Chromium based software
Size- 33.21 MB
License- Freeware
Operating system- Windows Vista/Xp/7/8
Language- Multiple

Comodo Dragon is for those who are extra cautious of web browsing and Google’s data mining. Besides, it has speed and easiness to become the first choice for the users.
So you can use this browser for extra protection.

Download Here 

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