Papal Starts in Bangladesh from June

paypal in BangladeshThe most accepted payment gateway PAYPAL is going to be started in Bangladesh from June. Paypal is the most popular payment service all over the world. It has been serving over 200 countries over the world. Normally most of the international transaction is performed through this Paypal.
Freelancers and online activists of Bangladesh have been longing for Paypal for many years. It was their demand to Government to start Payple in Bangladesh. Some payment services including Payza and Moneybookers has already started their service. But getting Paypal remained a dream.

Finally, Their dream comes true.  Our honorable Finance Minister, in a program of Sylet, has said that the demand of many youth freelancers is coming true as a result of starting Paypal in Bangladesh. We hope Paypal will be started very soon as our finance minister said.

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