How to Delete Your Browser History Easily

Everyday we use internet browser so all recent and past history are saving in browser. When you will use browser for getting information without your personal Pc or device then you must clear

A. Browsing history
B. Cache
C. Cookies
D. Temporary internet files
E. Active logins

these after browsing internet. Now i am showing how to delete your browser history in Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Clear Recent History in Firefox

Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete at a time on your keyboard then a new window will display.
Now you can select the time range to clear and press the details select all times then press clear now.

 Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer

As like Fire fox browser first you have to Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete. New window will show in internet explorer
Now put your mark and press delete. I have selected three items if you want you can select all items.Too much now right? Its done.

Clearing browsing data in your Chrome browser

Chrome it is also nice browser. here you can use shortcuts as firefox and explorer press  Ctrl+Shift+Delete now you will see the window

Simply select the items or obliterate the following items you can select the past hour or days. Then press the clear browsing data. Its ok now.

I hope you can do this now. Try to follow this tips it will help to avoid hacking and data will save.  Thats all for today.