Top 10 Seo Tips How to Drive Traffic to a New Blog

Getting high traffic to a blog is the vision of every blogger while writing their content. It is difficult for a new blog to be listed on top of search engines without focusing on the content of the blog and search engine optimization tips. Here are  some tips to boost the traffic to your blog.

1. Write good quality content for your readers:

You have to write quality content providing fresh information for the readers. Keyword stuffed content to obtain high ranking in search engines will not make any impression among your visitors. If search engines identify that your blog is content rich it will improve the traffic to your blog.

2. Don’t forget SEO:

SEO can drive traffic to your blog from various search engines. Whenever a post is added it should be optimized with relevant keywords and links. But, adding plenty of keywords is treated as spamming by search engines.

3. Regular posting: 

Regularly updating your blog will attract visitors and search engine to your blog. Each of your post could be a new door for search engines to visit your blog and index the content.

4. Social Media Channels:

Social media websites can drive huge traffic to your website. Sharing your content through social media sites will help you to widen your visitor base.

5. Submit the blog to search engines:

Whenever you create a new blog the blog url must be submitted to search engines like Google and Bing. It is the easiest method for search engines to visit and index your blog.

6. Submit the blog to directories:

Submitting the blog to blog directories will also drive traffic to the blog. There are various websites providing free blog directory submission services like bloggers, spillbean, technorati, digg etc.

7. Add RSS Feed button to your blog:

Adding an RSS feed subscription button can facilitate your readers to read and subscribe to your content. RSS feed helps to notify your subscribers whenever a new post is added.

8. Include images:

Images will not only make your blog attractive but also invites traffic from search engines. Adding alt tags to your images will help search engines to list your blog for relevant keywords.

9. Add internal links to your old posts:

Adding relevant links to your older blog posts for major keywords will increase your ranking in search engines. It can also improve the traffic to your blog.

10. Guest Posting and commenting:

Guest posting and commenting in high traffic blogs will invite visitors to your blog. It will also increase the backlinks to your blog. Don’t forget to add a link to your blog while commenting and posting on various sites.

So You can follow these tips and i hope if you apply these tips then you will get a lot of traffic to your new blog or your own website. Let me know about my tips :)